Spa Francorchamps Racetrack

Francorchamps and its racetrack:

the world's most beautiful one

Nested in the green hills of the Ardennes, this track is 7 km long, has numerous bends, up and downhills, but also several straight portions that make high speeds reachable.

Inside the track also lie an outdoor karting track as well as a splendid motocross track. Sometimes unmotorized vehicles try it too, like e.g. bikes or soapboxes!

Michael Schumacher's comment on the track:

"Spa combines the characteristics of both the old and the new circuit styles, and it is very different from the modern track designs. Even if today's monoplaces have made it easier to run, it remains a challenge. To drive the perfect trajectory here, especially on certain parts, really gives shivers. It is not a coincidence if entire generations of drivers have been ecstatic on the Eau Rouge!"
Eurosport - Stéphane VRIGNAUD 8/2004

The Racing Hotel stands only 500 m away from this marvel!

Track's website:

If you wish it, we can take care of everything for you, from reservations to logistics and to catering, because to come to our place also means to be free of mind from A to Z.

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