Racing Hotel in Francorchamps

The Racing Hotel, at the end of the village of Francorchamps towards the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack, is the ideal place to have a meal, a coffee break or a good night's sleep for race fans or drivers. Caravans and tents are also welcome!


The Racing Hotel: your best choice!

Our hotel has a long story linked to the racetrack of Francorchamps - one of the oldest in Europe. It has 24 rooms to welcome tourists, fans and teams. These are mainly single and twin rooms, but we also have specially designed 'team rooms' for 3 and 4 people.

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We also have a parking space for 75 cars available, and it is also possible to park in a closed area upon request.

Just after breakfast, you can either drop down on the track, or else leave for a variety of walks or rides in the beautiful forests that surround Francorchamps.

The hotel stands in the village of Francorchamps, right in the centre of the Ardennes region, 5 minutes away from Spa, also near to the Coo waterfall and two lakes, in a high WW2 historical background area (the Battle of the Bulge was hard in Stavelot-Baugnez-Stoumont)...

Well, you a wide range of activities to choose between after breakfast! Rather noisy or quieter ones, there are things for everybody to enjoy from the Racing Hotel. Really the right place to be!


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